About Don’t @ Me Edu

About Don’t @ Me Edu

Welcome to Don’t @ Me Edu, a podcast of hot takes from education professionals with diverse opinions as they share their stories and discuss and/or debate the hardest easiest questions in digital higher education. What’s your educational “don’t @ me?” Find our episode list below, or follow us on Buzzsprout. Topic submissions are always welcome!

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About Dr. Jess Knott

I hold a BA in Journalism, an MA in Education, and a Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, all from Michigan State University. I have worked in digital spaces since 1998, spanning the private and academic sectors. I have led nationally- recognized networking, professional development, design and facilitation projects, and am deeply involved in my local community. Project management and strategic rhetoric make me giddy, and learning new things is my favorite. My scholarly interests include community-engaged experience research, strategic assessment practices, shifting literacies in the digital-social age, and how UX and service design methods have the potential to transform the student experience in higher education and beyond.