S1E3: Terry Greene “Be Share-y”

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“Having a network is so powerful and the more you do it in the open education community which is full of grand people who love to share the more powerful it will be so you know be cool, be kind, be open, and be share-y!”

Terry Greene, eLearning Designer, Trent University

Season 1, Episode 3. Terry Greene is an eLearning Designer at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. From his work on the Open Faculty Patchbook to his own blog and long-running podcast Gettin’ Air, Terry is dedicated not only to learning but to sharing. He is a troubleshooter, a designer, a builder, a helper, and a friend to anyone working to create rich, student-centered learning experiences. He is a staunch faculty advocate, and also a heck of a fun guy to chat with, as you’ll see in this episode. And, if you can learn one thing from it – let that one thing to open your heart and mind and share what you can with others. If you can learn two things, let the second one be that there is no place for raisins in Thanksgiving stuffing.

What do you have that you can share this week? Is there anything you’ve been afraid to put out into the universe? Maybe it’s time.

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