S1E2: Turning Ships

Angela Gunder, Chief Academic Officer Online Learning Consortium

“We need to be able to listen very closely to the actual needs of folks that are struggling and we need to be able to craft solutions that are responding to the actual goals and needs and and challenges of the people that we’re dedicated to serve as opposed to just some sort of reactive translation of what we were doing before.”

Angela Gunder

Season 1, Episode 2. Angela Gunder is a webmaster, a designer, a chief academic officer and, while she has never had the official title in any of her many roles, yes, a learning designer. She sat down with me to talk about meatloaf, throwing away furniture, and how sometimes a pivot looks more like turning a ship, and how  many hands make lighter and more meaningful work.

On a personal note, Angela is an incredible chef, and has taught me to appreciate food and the storytelling around food in really meaningful ways. Enjoy the Alton Brown Good Eats meatloaf recipe we talk about the next time you need a comfort food hug, fire up Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell – and let us know what you think! You can follow Angela on Twitter at @angelagunder, and Jess is at @JLKnott or @DontAtMeEdu.

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Coming 10/16: Angela Gunder

What do meatloaf, Meat Loaf, ships, songs, and the national favorite food dish of Brazil have in common? They’re all mentioned on episode 2 of the Don’t @ Me Edu podcast wherein I interview Angela Gunder, Chief Academic Officer at the Online Learning Consortium. Below, hear a sneak peek of our conversation, releasing at 9 AM, Friday October 16 here on DontAtMeEdu.com, and also on RSS, Buzzsprout, Amazon and Google Podcasts. Coming soon to an Apple podcast distributor near you!

Episode 1 – Pivot

Welcome to Don’t @ Me Edu, a podcast of hot takes from digital education professionals with diverse opinions as they share their stories and discuss and/or debate the hardest easiest questions in higher ed.

Where were you when so many higher ed calendars stopped in March of 2020? Where are you now? And, more importantly – where are we?

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How many of us are sick to death of that word? Instructional designers, support staff, faculty, students – PIVOT!

But here’s the thing- each pivot is a story. And each individual story holds a key. And what that key unlocks? Who’s to say – but it could be something beautiful.

What can the field of learning design learn from you? What can you learn from the field of learning design?

We’re all learning designers. Faculty, students, administrators, instructional designers, learning engineers, content strategists, technical support… I repeat: we’re all learning designers. All it takes to see that side of the story is a little pivot.

Coming soon.